Atrapados en
blanco y negro

Artistic photography

The first photographs were somewhere between art and science, with painters, engravers and miniaturists opening daguerreotype photo studios in the most important European cities. That is why the photographic portraits imitated the poses and compositions of the painted portraits. This blending of photography and painting can be seen clearly in the colouring of the image, a resort that showed the mastery of some professionals, making some of them true works of creative art.
From 1840, daguerreotypes were sold in Havana and the first photography studies were opened, and it was the second place in the world to open a commercial gallery, even before Paris.

Four young soldiers stationed in Cuba, photographed while out on the town, dedicated to a girl named Encarnación. Coloured with picture dye (water-colour). [Circa 1860-1880]. Photographer: Unknown. TRILLO-FIGUEROA, C. 1, D. 1.

Portrait of a lady, Nina. Touched-up photograph with a graphite background, shaded with an aquamarine-coloured pencil. The dedication on the back has been carefully scraped off. [Late 19th century]. Photographer: M. Huerta (Madrid). VIVERO, C.214, D.016.

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