Atrapados en
blanco y negro

Art and photography

The link between art and photography is multifaceted. Some painters moved over to this new invention, touching up the photos with painting procedures; other professionals made photomontages and manipulated reality, applying the languages of sculpture or painting. Photography was also used to record monumental projects or ancient works.

Restoration project at the Benedictine church of Nuestra Señora de Montserrat, in Calle San Bernardo (Madrid), carried out by the architect Carlos Gato Soldevilla. 13-IV-1920. Awarded the Gold Medal at the National Fine Arts Exhibition (Madrid, 1920). Photographer: Lladó (Madrid). CP. 392, D. 21

Eighteen cameos for the Fernán Núñez lineage (18th-19th centuries), detail of one of the rooms at the Fernán Núñez Palace [Circa 1946]. FERNÁN NÚÑEZ, C. 2378, D. 125

Photomontage of the bust of a young man on a pedestal. [Circa 1880]. Photographer: E. Otero (Madrid). VIVERO, C. 214, D. 24

Painting of the Virgin with Angels. Photographic reproduction of an oil painting by William Bouguereau (1825-1905), French academic painter. Photographer-publisher: Goupil & Cie. MENDIGORRÍA, CP. 1, D. 32

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